Keith Heimericks is a Rock/Hard Rock Solo Artist hailing from Rapid City SD. 

I picked up my first guitar when I was 10 years old. During the holidays at family get togethers my grandpa "Everet Weed" would play songs on his guitar while the family sang along. This was the start of my inspiration. There is nothing better than the sound of a 6 string being played by a true professional. At age 14 I received a Johnson Acoustic guitar from my parents for Christmas. Although I held my first guitar at age 10, I had absolutely no idea how to actually play one...nor did I at age 14. The next four years were pretty rough as well. It wasn't until AFTER I joined the United States Air Force that I finally started taking it a little more serious. 

I was in a Rock band in High School called 50 cent haircut. We only played one show...which was my high school...something??  I can't remember.  I wasn't even close to finding myself as a musician yet. I could barely hold a note vocally...and could barely hold my own with a guitar.

Now lets fast forward a few years.... While arriving at Ellsworth AFB in 2003, I had to live in the dormitories as a young Airman. There wasn't much to do after work besides play my guitar...which little did I know.....was GREAT practice for future shows/ recordings!  In 2004 I joined the band "Climax of the fall"....which consisted of Air Force buddies who were musically talented/ an awesome group of guys!  Nothing really took place with Climax of the fall other than lots of drinking and little playing.  With Climax of the fall....we debuted in a talent show at Ellsworth AFB.....but that's as far as we made it.  I think we took 3rd?  Maybe not...that was years ago.... This was however my first experience in conjunction with recording it wasn't completely wasted!!!  Everyone has to be young at some point right!?!?! 

After Climax of the fall came 7th Level...which was the beginning of my solo artist career.....or really "hobby."  7th Level was a band name created by myself/ a really good friend of mine...and still is....for promotion reasons....we kind of figured that people would catch on to a band name other than our own names. As 7th Level I created/performed/wrote/recorded my very first songs.......and to be expected they were less than stellar.....terrible actually!!!  During this time I found my voice and consistently practiced. I always strove to be better...whether it be vocally..or with the guitar, bass guitar, drums, keys...etc.  Because of this I was able to bolster my talent allowing me to realize my true potential! 

In 2010 I joined/formed, along with my band mates "Breaks The Fall".  A Rock/Hard Rock band.  I was 25 at the time and was the youngest in the band.  With Breaks The Fall...I learned a tremendous amount of information in regards to music/ promotion/ live shows/ recording...etc... Within one year, Breaks The Fall was known on a Tri-State level.  It was almost unreal how popular we became.  We played quite a few shows while we were together, but eventually, I quit the band to continue my path as a Solo musician to speak.... By this time I had read dozens of books on how to record..the do's and dont's of promotion...etc...I finally obtained all of the equipment for my studio...and by this time...I was a well established/rounded musician.  I quit the band "Breaks The Fall" during a deployment in support of Operation Enduring Freedom due to the fact that I knew I had to complete my college defenitly wasn't personal.  In September of 2011 upon arrival back home from my deployment I decided to take my music career serious. I developed this website...and hit the studio. Tracks that were recorded in this time frame are "Popularity", "Rebuild Your Life", "Never Give Up", and "Believe". My debute album as a Solo Artist "Rebuild Your Life" will hit the shelves sometime in 2013.